Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wide calves drama!!!

I have always had really big calves even, when I was only 100 lb. And, it really doesn't help that I'm a petit Asian girl with size 6 feet. Finding boots that fits me perfectly, was always a challenge. I never had any luck with those wide calves boots either. However, I have found a few pairs that fit me perfectly thanks to these tips and tricks I learned.

(some of the boots I own)
first: faux leather mid length boots-Charlotte Russe, second: leather over the knee boots-Aldo, third: faux leather knee length boots-F21

1. Faux leather and suede have some stretch to them, which make them easier to mold to your calves.

2. Wear your new boots a few hours for a couple of days to break them in.

3. Opt for a pair of boots without zippers. They're easier to stretch and there won't be zipper imprints on your calves at the end of the day.

4. Go a size up or two and wear thick socks on your feet.

I came across this product online called Boot Band that could help. It's a stretchy extender that could be added to the shafts of your boots with zippers. Although, I have never tried it myself, I thought it's a pretty neat and smart idea. They come in many different sizes, colors, and styles. (Product photo below) click on Boot Band to go to the website. :)

Good Luck and happy boots shopping!!!


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