Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Simple skincare review

I'm trying to keep my promise not to neglect this blog but I'm finding it hard to do. The past few weeks between finalizing and launching Airy Dreams, I have been helping LSY clean and paint his new room. And, I started school this week. I graduated with my BFA in 2009 and I'm now working toward my crna doctorate. That's another 7yr of schooling. :(
Anyways, moving on...My Walgreens had a buy one get one free sale with Simple skincare line and I decided to get the moisturizer and toner. I have heard good things about the line and it's great for sensitive skin. I don't have sensitive skin but I do have acne prone, oily, and dry patchy skin.
Right before I graduated from college, I developed adult acne because I was stressed out and not taking care of myself. It's a lot better now, but I still get an occasional cystic breakout. I tried a lot of things and nothing have seemed to work. I went to a dermatologist that put me on an antibiotic for two years. It helped a little but didn't get rid of it. Then I was on birth control, which didn't get rid of it either. I have given up and learned how to deal with it. Summer is when my skin is at it's worst. My skin gets extremely oily and it breaks out like crazy. That's mostly due to the humidity here in the midwest.
I was using a Cetaphil moisturizer for a year and half. Cetaphil is also designed for sensitive skins too. I like using sensitive skin moisturizer because I find that it helps with my dry patches and keeps my skin hydrated. I didn't really like the Cetaphil moisturizer because it was really thick and it took a long time to dry, before I can apply my makeup on. Although, it did really do wonder on my skin, which is the only reason why I kept using it. At the beginning of this month, I finished my Cetaphil moisturizer and started using the Simple moisturizer and toner. I love the moisturizer and toner. The moisturizer squeeze out of the tube thick but it melts onto my skin and dries in seconds. I had a dry patch on my left cheek that went away after using the moisturizer for a week. The toner feels refreshing and no burring or etc. It gets a lot of dirt and excess makeup or products off my face. Since I have been using them my skin has cleared up a lot.

Toner, $7.99

       Moisturizer, $12.99

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